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Lights in the Dark


If you would like to be featured in our livestream, please review our submission guidelines. Submissions may be altered or cut for length. All submissions will be used explicitly for the SL24 UnLOCKE The Light Music Festival only. Clips of submissions may be used to advertise the event only with the permission of the submitter.



Submissions from musicians and bands of all styles and genres are encouraged, with a focus on mental health content. Submissions should be one song or a 15min set. No explicit content will be included, but we may ask for a “clean” version.

Submissions should include:

  • Title of the piece

  • Artist/band name

  • Point of contact information (name, phone number, email)

  • Social media/website links (if applicable)


Submissions from individuals who have attempted suicide, experienced suicidal thoughts, lost someone to suicide, or have a loved one who attempted suicide and would like to share their experiences are welcome. Submissions should be between 30sec-2min in length and may be altered for length. No explicit content will be included.

Submission prompts:

  • How was your loved one feeling before their death?

  • How has your loved one’s death affected you/your family?

  • How do you cope with suicidal ideation?

  • Whose support helped you recover after your attempted suicide?

  • What would you like to tell your loved one if they were still alive?

  • In your experience, how can we better support survivors?

  • Share a favorite memory of someone you lost.

  • What is something about your loved one you’ll never forget?

  • Is there a song or band that helps you when you experience suicidal thoughts?

  • What was your loved one like as a child?

  • What’s the funniest memory you have of your loved one?

Submissions should include:

  • Which prompt you chose or your own prompt

  • Point of contact information (name, phone number, email)

  • How you would like your name to appear (ex. John Smith, John, or no name)


Submissions from mental health organizations, policy makers, and others with insight into mental health and suicide prevention are encourage. Submissions should be between 15sec-2min in length and may be altered for length.

Submissions should include:

  • Name of individual or organization

  • Point of contact information (name, phone number, email, website)

  • Social media/website links

  • Links to resources/information provided in the video

For all other questions, email

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